This New Website Helps You Make Friends and Travel For Free


Travelling across the world is always a fun thing to do, but travelling and staying with locals of the place is much better than a boring hotel room. However, finding trustworthy and safe hosts to stay with is always tricky.

Locals know the best restaurants, bars, and sight seeing spots that are worth your time. This new company, Friend Theory, helps place you in the hands of a local that is ready to host you!

All you have to do is log into the website with your Facebook information. It then pulls your friends list and takes your friends, friends from around the world. The only catch is that even your friends, friends have to be signed up with Friend Theory. So if none of your friends know about the website, your friend map will be empty..

If you are wanting to be a host, you check off what you are willing to offer, whether it’s a bed, couch, or even the floor. You also check what activities you would be willing to do with your guest, such as getting coffee, going to parks, or bar-hopping around the city.

Lastly, you check off what you are willing to share with your guest, such as transportation, food, and laundry.

When you are looking for a host/friend, you can filter through the accommodations they are willing to offer. When you search a particular city, circles pop up on the friend map of who is where and who is willing to offer what up for free. The hope for this website is that people will offer their time and shelter for free in hopes to make new friendships!


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