This Place Combines Japanese And Jewish Food


One of the trendiest things going on in food culture recently has been Asian fusion restaurants. It seems as if the palette of Americans has been on a journey from craving burgers and fries to now craving anything Teriyaki or Sriracha flavored.  Hawaiian-Japan restaurants have evolved in the form of Poke bars, different Thai restaurants have begun to incorporate Japanese sushi into their menus, and restaurants like The Cowfish are even combining typical American burgers with sushi.

If all of these exciting flavor combinations weren’t enough for our already overloaded tastebuds, there may be one more restaurant that you will definitely have to give a try. This restaurant is called Shalom Japan and is a Jewish and Japanese food fusion restaurant. Founded by husband and wife Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi, Shalom Japan combines both traditional Jewish and Japanese cuisine and is located in New York City.

Traditionally, Jewish food is very comfort food based and along with some Mediterranean influences, hold a lot of Eastern European influences as well whereas Japanese food is well known for being fresh, flavorful, and light.

They wanted to play around with the amazing flavors that both cultural dishes provided. You can see the influence of Japanese and Jewish food throughout the menu, even though most of the dishes lean more towards the Japanese side of things.

Some of the most popular dishes that wonderfully intertwine the flavors of both cultures are the Sake Kasu Challah, Lox Bowl, and Mochi Blintzes. Talk about an interesting twist on the flavors of two completely and totally different styles of food.



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