This Place in the Philippines Has an Interesting Funeral Tradition


The Philippines are known to be beautiful, with breathtaking landscapes and amazing coasts. The islands are known for their unique flavors of food and livley, bustling villages and food markets.

However, there’s a place you really don’t want to visit unless you’re a very brave soul. It’s called Sagada. It is a village on the Luzon Island where the indigenous tribe of Igorots lives.

This tribe is known for its unique funeral custom. According to this tribe, the dead must be buried in coffins which are tied to the side of cliffs.

This is a 2000 years old practice. According to the tradition, the coffins are carved by the elderly before their death. If they are too ill or weak to do it, their sons do it for them.

At the moment of death, the body is wrapped up in blankets and tied with leaves. The tribe brings the body hoping to get smeared with the blood of the deceased since according to the tradition, it would allow a person to have the skill of the deceased.

After that, the body ends up in the coffin which is tied to the side of the cliff. If you went to this location today, you would still be able to see the bodies hanging there. Additionally, this tradition still exists to this day and is still practiced by members of the tribe as of now. 

Quite a unique  tradition, This tradition is unlike anything else around the world and is only specific to this tribe. 


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