This Servo’s Worker Saved a Backpacker’s Life


When news broke out that a 22-year-old backpacker had been rescued after being a hostage for two months, the focus was on the police and the horror connected to the hostage.

The British backpacker was in fact victim of rape and beatings. What we didn’t know is that the victim was saved thanks to a Servo’s worker.

Her name is Beverley Page, she is a service station owner in Queensland town. Beverley saw the girl, victim of the hostage, getting in the store shaking and very upset.

She said she had just filled her car up but she couldn’t pay for it. The worker also noticed that she had marks on her neck. The worker asked some questions about the person who was outside in the car.

She asked if he was the one who had given her those marks. So the worker said she would have called the police and the victim ran away scared of the consequences.

After a failed attempt to call the police, the worker got on her car and followed the backpacker. Thanks to her the girl was rescued. She behaved like a true hero.


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