This Terminal at Los Angeles Airport is Only for Super Rich People


Travelling for rich people has become even more fun at Los Angeles International Airport. There travelers can pay their way to a better airport experience using the Private Suite.  It is an ultra-VIP airport terminal for commercial flights. The annual membership fee costs $7,500, however it comes with an amazing service. There is a private suite stocked with snacks and a glam team for hair, makeup and nails while waiting for the plane. On top of that, there’s a personal staff of 8 people for your needs. They take care of your luggage and drop you to the plane with a BMW. Just as if this wasn’t enough, the annual membership also comes with the option of pre-flight massages.

This Terminal at Los Angeles Airport is Only for Super Rich People

“I walked out the door of the plane and there was a guy standing there with a little sign, come with me,” someone who tried the service said. “I go out the door, down the steps, right past the wing. Whatever the length of a wing is, what, 60 feet? We get into a car and drive on the taxiway, go out a gate and about three minutes later or less, I’m at the suites. I walked in and a woman at the desk said, ‘We have your rental car, it’s right here.’ I signed a piece of paper and I drove away.”

This is such a good idea: Think of all the wealthy people who hate waiting at the check in. Their life will be even easier but what’s more important is that there will be a lot of new job opening at the airport. So it’s a win win situation! Have a good flight wealthy people! From now on, even getting to the airport will be part of the fun!


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