Three Essential Clothes To Pack For Your European Trip


Traveling is absolutely incredible. Packing, not so much. When packing for an upcoming trip to Europe, it can be a bit stressful. You don’t know what to expect with the weather, what outfits you will need to have for every occasion, or how much to pack, assuming that you are planning to make a few clothing shopping trips along your journey.

Europeans always seem so stylish and fashion forward and you never know what the exact trends are until you actually go. In order to fit in with the European crowd, here are a few essentials that are necessary to pack for any European trip.

1.Comfortable walking shoes. Adidas sneakers are huge in Europe at the moment and would be a neutral addition to any of your day time outfits. Likewise, Keds, Converse, and other shoe brands with similar styles are pretty popular in Europe.

2. Ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are huge in Europe, just like in the United States. This is perfect because you most likely won’t have to purchase an expensive pair of ripped jeans while you are there because odds are, you already have a pair. If you don’t have ripped jeans or don’t like the style, wearing black or denim jeans is totally perfect too.

3. Jean Jackets. Jean jackets are hugely popular in Europe and have been for a while. They have recently popped back up in U.S fashion as well. Jean jackets are extremely versatile and are perfect for layering with any of your outfits. A lot of them also come with a variety of pockets which is perfect for when you have a bunch of stuff to carry around with you while traveling.


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