Three Foods You Need to Try in Texas


Everything is bigger in Texas and the flavor and culture of its food is no exception! The state is almost 270,000 square miles, so in any corner you can find amazing food, ranging from southern favorites to authentic Mexican.

It could take you 14 hours to drive from one end to the other of Texas- let’s get a briefer look into Texas and its cuisine from our list of three foods you absolutely have to try in Texas, especially if you’re not from there.

We’ve picked some dishes that are absolutely quintessential to have a Texas foodie experience. The best part- the dishes are wildly available throughout the state, but we can recommend you some stops as well.

The Puffy Taco– this dish is unique in that the corn tortilla it is served in is puffed instead of the traditional hard taco or soft flour tortilla. The dish is regional- you won’t find it anywhere else and its hometown is none other than San Antonio, Texas.

Frito Pie- Chili gets a crunchy upgrade with a bag of Frito corn chips and jalepeños, if you’re daring. This favorite can be found at typical burger joints, local fairs and ball games alike. Seasoned Frito pie eaters have the chilli served right inside the bag of chips!

Kolaches– Feel a multitude of countries collide when you bite into this funky sausage treat. Sausage, jalapeño, and cheese are packed inside a hot Czech pastry bread for a taste that is out of this world. Look for these in Czech bakeries in the towns of West, La Grange, Ellinger and Schulenberg, Texas.


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