Tips For a Smooth Flight With Toddlers


If you’re set to take a long-term flight with your toddler, you may feel worried about how your little one will cope on such a long journey. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can keep your kids feeling calm and at ease. Here are some helpful tips for a smooth flight with toddlers.

Timing is Crucial

While a direct flight is ideal due to speed and simplicity, sometimes it’s not feasible. If not, try to find a connecting flight with as quick a layover as possible. This way, you can limit the amount of time that your toddler has to move around and potentially tire themselves out.

Get Some Airline Assistance

Many airlines offer support for parents with young children. From baby bassinets where your toddler can rest to games and toys to keep them preoccupied, it’s always worthwhile to ask your airline if they have any services to make flying with toddlers a little easier.

Book a Night Flight

One easy way to improve your toddler’s flight experience is by booking a night flight. This way, they might be able to get some much-needed sleep, during which time you won’t have to think of ways to keep them entertained. Still, make sure to bring a blanket your toddler is familiar with to keep them comfortable along with some toys.


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