Tips for Eating Healthy at Gas Stations During Your Next Road Trip


Any longer road trip you take will include multiple stops at a gas station. Sometimes, it will only be to get gas, but other times, you’ll find yourself starving and thinking about getting something to eat or snack on while you’re there.

Now, gas stations are known for offering all sorts of tempting eats and snacks. However, most of them are not exactly good for you. If you want to eat healthy at gas stations during your next road trips, follow these tips.

Avoid Fried Food

This might be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to point it out: avoid fried food. The fried food at the gas stations is often greasy and packed with calories, and you also risk stomach troubles later on.

 Grab Fresh Produce

Many gas stations have a selection of fresh produce like fruit and veggies. Make sure to grab some as they are the healthiest option, provide refreshment, and satisfy your hunger.

Look for a Cooler

Gas station coolers are usually where the healthiest food can be found. There will be plenty of platters with fruit and veggies as well as salads, yogurts, vegan products, and more.

Pick up Nuts and Low-Sugar Snack Bars

We know chips and a pack of M&Ms look too tempting to pass on. However, you are better off picking some nuts like cashews and almonds or getting some trail mix, as they will provide you with energy while helping you stay on the healthy side. Also, can’t go wrong with low-sugar snack bars if you need something more exciting.


Jas C
Jas C
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