Tips to Avoid Altitude Sickness on Your Next Mountain Trek


One thing that many people don’t plan on when taking a trip to the mountain is altitude sickness. The body’s response to high altitude can range from extreme fatigue and nausea to headaches, and the symptoms can appear even hours after you’ve finished your climb.

If you don’t want altitude sickness to ruin your next trip to the mountain, you can avoid it by following these tips.

Prepare Your Body Before The Trip

A great way to avoid altitude sickness is to prepare your body. Make short visits to higher altitudes weeks before the trip and stay there for an hour or two before returning home. This will help your body get used to different conditions gradually.

Climb Slowly

If you are doing a one-day climb, do it slowly, making frequent rests at various points. If you intend to stay at the mountain for longer, make your way to the altitude that is halfway between the sea level and your final destination and spend at least one day there to get accustomed to lower oxygen levels.

Avoid Alcohol

You might think that alcohol will make the trip more fun, but it will end up doing you much more damage in the long run. Alcohol will not only prevent your body from getting used to higher altitude faster, but it will also make the altitude sickness symptoms worse.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is the key to successfully avoiding altitude sickness. This will help you have more energy, and your body will be more successful in adjusting to the environment.


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