Top 3 Cities to Visit in Spain This Summer


Are you thinking about jetting off to Spain this summer? You’re in for a treat! Spain isn’t just about sunny beaches and tapas (although those are pretty great, too). It’s a country brimming with dynamic cities, each with its own unique blend of cultural festivities, historic treasures, and buzzing night scenes. Let’s zoom in on three Spanish cities that are absolute must-visits this summer.


Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, is a city of groundbreaking art, architecture, and avant-garde vibes. The cityscape is adorned with Antoni Gaudí’s surreal buildings, including the iconic Sagrada Familia. Plus, don’t miss the enchanting Park Güell park!


Seville, the heart of Andalucía, captures the essence of southern Spain with its fiery flamenco, Gothic and Moorish architectural treasures, and winding ancient alleyways. Start your visit at the Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, and climb the adjoining Giralda bell tower for panoramic views of the city. 


As the capital of Spain, Madrid offers a dynamic mix of history, art, and pure Spanish energy. Art enthusiasts will find their paradise in the Golden Triangle of Art. Madrid is also famous for its pulsating nightlife, with an endless array of bars, nightclubs, and flamenco theaters that come alive as the sun sets.


Alisa G
Alisa G
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