Top 3 Food Dishes Tourists Need to Try While in Warsaw, Poland


In case you get hungry while exploring Warsaw, Poland, don’t go straight to the first McDonald’s you see. Instead, pick out a cozy local restaurant and sample one of these top dishes that every tourist should try.


Pierogi are filled dumplings popular across Central and Eastern Europe, but they hold a special place in Polish cuisine. They usually come in savory variants, being filled with potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, or ground meat, among other ingredients, and topped with sour cream and onions. You will also come across sweet pierogi, which are filled with fruit.


Gołąbki, known as cabbage rolls in English-speaking countries, is a dish that will win you over at the first bite. It is prepared by wrapping a mixture of minced meat, onions, and rice in boiled cabbage leaves to resemble rolls. These rolls are then stewed and served on a plate while covered in sauce.


Finally, don’t leave Warsaw without trying Zapiekanka, the city’s most famous street food dish. It is fairly simplistic, you can get it everywhere, and serves perfectly as a quick bite. A long roll of bread is sliced lengthwise and then topped with mushrooms, cheese, and occasionally other ingredients to serve as an open-face sandwich. It is then baked until the cheese is melted before being topped with ketchup and served.


Jas C
Jas C
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