3 Unusual Museums You Should Visit in Chicago, US


Chicago, Illinois, has some of the best museums and cultural institutions in the United States. Whether you enjoy art, history, science, or technology, you will find at least a couple of museums that court your interests. But what if you are looking for something in between?

Well, Chicago delivers in that regard as well, being home to quite a large number of unusual museums that offer somewhat different experiences. Check out some of our favorites below.

Busy Beaver’s Button Museum

Button Museum describes itself as the “only pin-back button museum” in the world. It is situated in the offices of pin-back button maker Busy Beaver Button Co and sports an impressive collection of pin-back buttons from the 19th century until today. You’ll also find a number of other historically-important buttons like George Washington’s inauguration buttons and Abraham Lincoln’s campaign pin.

American Toby Jug Museum

Toby Jug is a name given to jugs modeled after quirky characters, historical figures, and pop culture staples. They were once a common sight in taverns and pubs but are more of a novelty item in the modern age. American Toby Jug Museum’s collection has more than 8,000 Toby Jugs, with some dating back to the 18th century. To make things better, admission is free.

Money Museum 

Money makes the world go round, so you might as well learn more about it. Situated in the building of Chicago’s Federal Reserve, The Money Museum showcases the history of currency, displays rare bills, and even offers you a chance to test whether you can spot counterfeits.


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