Top Places to Study Abroad as Ranked by Students


Studying abroad is a very popular educational pursuit among many students. Many young people look to explore their education while simultaneously experience the variety of diverse cultures that exist globally. Because of this, there are a ton of study abroad opportunities that are offered at most universities. Here are two of the top ranked destinations to study abroad for a semester or summer program.

First, one of the most popular places to study abroad in is Italy. The country is filled with a ton of art, history, scenic regions, and delicious foods. Some pros of studying in Italy is that many programs require no prior knowledge of Italian, the locals are pretty friendly, and the scenery is beautiful. Some of the cons include that not needing to learn the language may not give you the most enriching cultural experience and while the pizza is AMAZING, you may regret it once you arrive back in the states a good 20 pounds heavier than you left.

The second most popular abroad destination is Spain. People in Spain are super friendly. Some of the pros of studying in Spain is the amazing culture, the rich history, the 1 euro wine, and the fun cities. Cons include a language barrier, as Spain is one of the European countries that speaks less English, they do not have very spicy food if that’s what you like, and because so many students opt to study abroad there, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the culture.



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