Trouble Sleeping in a Hotel? Here Are 5 Plants That Will Help You


For those who are tired but can not fall asleep, this life hack might interest you. Insomnia is a powerful very draining thing to harbor amongst yourself. You are super tired all day long but when it’s time for bed time you cannot fall asleep. You try and change positions, try silk sheets, and you even buy and drink special infusions before going to sleep but  nothing is seeming to help. Well, Here’s the solution for you: All you have to do is buy one of these five plants to help you fall asleep. The Snake Plant needs water only once every two weeks and releases oxygen continuously. The idea behind it is that higher levels of oxygen lead to a better sleep. If the reason why you can’t sleep is stress, Lavender could be the right solution for you. The pretty purple flower will make you more peaceful and more likely to fall asleep. Place a live plants in your bedroom and take a deep breath. Also, the Pink Jasmine is known as the plant that lowers anxiety as a natural relaxer. The Peace Lily is a really special plant. It literally purifies the air around you. It takes harmful chemicals and releases purified oxygen. Isn’t it great? Another plant that can be helpful is the Gardenia. In particular, its aroma has a sort of sedative effect. Also, its white flowers look lovely for your bedroom! With one of these plants, falling asleep will not be an issue anymore!


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