Try The New Blonde Espresso


Starbucks has been one of the premier coffee franchises in the entire world throughout their 40 year history. With a ton of different options that include lattes, espresso shots, drip coffee, frappuccinos, teas, smoothies, and many more, Starbucks has made a name for themselves among residents of the United States and beyond.

They continuously are developing new roasts and flavor combinations to improve their already quality selection. Along with offering new seasonal flavors depending on the season, they also work tirelessly to provide their customers with the highest quality coffee to be the base of each beverage option. Starbucks has always had yummy espresso that most coffee enthusiasts enjoy.

They had also introduced a new, lighter roast coffee for the customers who prefer a less strong coffee flavor. They called this their Blonde Roast. Many customers who enjoy lighter bodied coffees loved the addition of this roast to the menu options. And fortunately for the Blonde roast lovers, Starbucks has also introduced a Blonde Espresso option.

You can treat this new option as a smoother alternative to traditional espresso shots. With a much more mild flavor and smoothness, the Blonde Espresso has become a hit among all of the customers who have given it a taste.

Starbucks continuously looks at consumer feedback in order to keep on creating and developing options for their customers to enjoy. If you are someone who enjoys the extra bolt of energy that adding a shot of espresso adds to your beverage of choice, give the Blonde Espresso a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Starbucks has called this new addition their lightest and most mild-bodied roast yet.


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