Try to Avoid These Tourist Mistakes While in New York City


Many consider New York City to be the greatest city in the world. But it is also an unforgiving city, especially for tourists. It is easy to make a mistake that will hamper your experience while there. In order to really experience NYC at its best, try to avoid the following tourist mistakes.

Not Hanging Out with New Yorkers

New Yorkers might have a bad rep among the rest of Americans, but you’ll find out that most of them are super friendly. They enjoy introducing their beloved city to visitors and will take great pleasure in showing you their favorite spots. So make sure to spend some time with New Yorkers and experience the city through their eyes.

Not Getting Lost in NYC

Most tourists come with a detailed schedule of things they want to see and do in New York City. And there is nothing wrong with that, but remember to leave some room for exploration. Getting lost in NYC is really special and will allow you to discover some unique gems that the guided tours can’t offer.

Not Using the Subway

Subway is the easiest and fastest way to get from point A to point B in New York City. The city’s public transportation is one of the best in the world and also a much cheaper alternative to taxis or Uber.

Not Eating Street Food

Forget about restaurants and fast food in New York City. Instead, take advantage of arguably the best street food scene in the world. Experiment with food, try different things and take yourself on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.


Jas C
Jas C
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