Turkish Ottoman-Inspired Shoes Are A Must-Have For Every Woman



Fashion is often times inspired by folkloric costumes from around the globe. Traditional clothing items have become statement pieces on the runway and are soon after making it into the closets of many fashion lovers.

The same goes for Sanayi 313, a Turkish brand that makes unique footwear and accessories and was founded by Amir and Enis, two brothers from Istanbul.

When the two brothers founded the brand, they called in the help from their friend Serena Uziyel, who’s a graduate at the Parsons School of Design and studied shoe-making in Florence and Milan.

On Serena’s resume, you can also find her noteworthy job at Zara, a popular men and women’s clothing brand, where the part of the design team.

Together the trio design and create shoes in a slipper or mule shape. No matter the type of shoe (stilettos, flats or ones with a chunky heel), all of Sanayi 313’s shoes come with fringed bows, oversized tassels, studs, and other extravagant embellishments like pompoms.

Apart from shoes, Sanayi 313 also makes clutches, small bags, and boxes. All of them in the same signature style as the shoes;  a muted color palette with rust and golden tones and accents. Whatever the item, expect the absolute best from this exceptional brand.

If you want to see Sanayi 313’s items up close and personal, you’re in luck, because the brand is stocked worldwide. They also sell their unique creations at their flagship store in Istanbul, Turkey and online on their website.


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