Two of the Most Historical Haunts in the US


The United States of America is a country that is very rich in history. As a nation, the United States has experienced many ups and downs, events to be proud of, and situations that when brought up nowadays, a cringed at.

Many Americans are proud of their history while some others may not be too enthusiastic about reflecting on their nation’s past. For those who enjoy at least a little taste into looking at the past, there are some spooky places that bring out some of the most intriguing points of American history.

From haunted plantations to ancient Indian burial grounds, here are two of America’s most popular haunts.

One of the spookiest spots to visit is the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. This slave plantation was built on top of a Native American Burial ground- which is notorious for hauntings all over the country. According to witnesses, there are 12 ghosts that haunt this plantation.

The most notorious is a slave woman named Chloe. According to legend, she was having an affair with her masters and poisoned his daughters. She was later murdered by other slaves out of fear that they would be associated with Chloe’s crimes.

Two of the Most Historical Haunts in the US

Another haunted place that explores America’s past is The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum located in Virginia. In the early 1860s, this place was where train travelers would stop to get a good night’s sleep and a decent meal.

However, from 1862 on, it became a place where soldiers on both sides of the war were treated for wounds acquired during battle. Later on during reconstruction, it served as a health and education compound for recently freed slaves.

It’s no wonder that with its multiple ties to different parts of history that it is a pretty popular place among ghost seeking enthusiasts.


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