Uber Has Fired Over 20 Employees for Sexual Harassment


In 2017, Uber has fired 20 employees following the allegations of widespread sexism and sexual harassment at the company. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder was hired to investigate. Now Uber is firing a bunch of employees. On top of it, 12,000 employees were informed that at least twenty of them were being let go because of their behavior. Bloomberg has reported that 31 employees are in “counseling or training,” 7 got a written warning, and 57 are under investigation.

This story makes everyone thinks. If a company like Uber does investigations and so many cases of sexual harassment come out, imagine in small companies where there is not even an investigation going on or there never was.

It’s crazy that so many people have been fired, are going through some training or are still under investigation.

The company’s legal issues have recently become more than an internal matter. It has become a public issues. The Department of Justice has opened an investigation also into Uber’s use of software to avoid regulators in markets that it wasn’t legally allowed to operate in.


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