Ultimate Budget Backpacking Guide in South America


Ready to tick off South America from your travel bucket list but worried about the expenses? Many adventurers hesitate, picturing the costs of roaming from the misty heights of the Andes to the vibrant streets of Rio. Let’s break down how you can make this trip more affordable and realistic for yourself.

Plan Your Route Wisely

South America is a large continent, and travel between countries can sometimes be costly and time-consuming. To save both time and money, plan your route strategically. Instead of trying to cover every country, you might select a specific region such as Patagonia, the Andean Highlands, or the Amazon Basin. 

Choose Budget-Friendly Accommodations

Hostels are both affordable and give you the opportunity to meet other travelers. Look for hostels with good reviews that offer free breakfast or kitchen facilities. This can help save on food costs. Or, in natural areas like Patagonia, consider camping. Many national parks offer low-cost camping with basic amenities.

Eat Like a Local

Food is a significant part of the cultural experience and an area where you can save a lot. Street food and local markets are inexpensive and a way to experience authentic local cuisine. Just look for where locals are eating (it’s usually a sign of good, affordable food.) 


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