Underrated Travel Destination: Peniscola, Spain


Traveling to cool and exciting destinations has always been popular among people across the world.  However, the trend of traveling has become extremely relevant to the global spread of social media posts.  Travelling has become less of a luxury, and more of a right of passage for those who view themselves as globally interested and adventurous.  

With this travel trend rapidly expanding, it is no wonder that positive word of mouth spreads good and bad reviews of certain destinations.  Some of the most popular European destinations for travelers to visit recently are the cities of Paris, France, London, England, Madrid, Spain, Barcelona, Spain, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Rome, Italy.  However, each country offers some hidden gem cities that travelers may miss out on if they only travel to the most touristy and popular travel destinations.

One of the most beautiful Spanish cities is the city of Peniscola. Located on the Southeastern coast of Spain, Peniscola offers culture, history, and beauty that is not found in many places.  

The city is lined with Grecian looking buildings and shops, beautiful cafes, wonderful sandy beaches, and scenery that would make any photographer jump with joy.  The sparkling blue water that surrounds the city enhances the scenic architecture of the buildings. With old towers to climb and hills to hike, Peniscola definitely offers some beautiful views.  

Perfect for a day trip or a few night stay, Peniscola is the perfect place to catch some sun, drink a pina colada, and experience some of the beautiful history that Spain has to offer.


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