Unusual European Traditions


The differences that exist across cultures truly keep the world an interesting place. I mean, imagine a world where every single person had the same customs, looked similar, dressed the same, and spoke the same language. The world as a whole would be incredibly more boring in that case.

Different countries and cultures are often influenced by trends that they are exposed to from other places. Fashion, behavior, architecture, and food are all influenced by the many cultures surrounding us.

The United States pulls a lot of inspiration from the European countries. However, some of the traditions seen in these European countries are a bit too bizarre for most Americans to wrap their heads around. Here are some of the traditions of European countries that have yet to influence the interests of people in the United States.

There is a traditional ritual in Scotland where a wedding couple is kidnapped by their friends and slathered in sticky material before being covered in feathers and soot. This is called “blackening” and is thought to bring good luck to the couple.

Although America is becoming more accepting of people embracing and showing off their bodies, the acceptance of full nudity in public places is existent. Unlike in Germany, where nudity is often seen in public pools and saunas, and France where there are many nude or topless beaches.

The elderly in Sweden have a tradition called “Death Cleaning”. While it sounds a bit morbid, this tradition is where elderly people go through their belongings in order to rid themselves of too many extra belongings that would cause their family members to have more of a burden when they pass away.

These traditions are intriguing and different but have yet to influence any customs of the United States. But, who knows which weird traditions will inspire new ones in the future.


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