Why Miami Should Be Next On Your List


Welcome to the famous city, Miami which is located in the south of Florida, United States. Everybody loves this place, as it is the number one destination in Florida with many things to do, celebrites to site, and beautiful beaches to lay on. It is also known as the gateway to visitors coming to the South of the United States from various other places such as; South America, Africa and Europe. Here, you will find a mixture of many differet cultures, languages and people all compacted into one booming city.

It is safe to say that the city of Miami definitley has it all. From beautiful sunny beaches, buzzing vibrant cities, hot celebrity-owned restaurants, intriguing and unique architecture, and an urban atmosphere that never stops to sleep or grow. Additionally, Everything here is strongly influenced by the Latin culture and Cuban vibe since Florida is nearly adjacent to Cuba and other carribean countries.

So get ready to the nightclubs that play non-stop salsa.

Go around to see the art deco architecture and indulged in a great signature meal in one of the many restaurants, on your way show your body at one of the beaches, grab a Cuban sandwich in Little Havana and enjoy the many Latin cafes around the city.

You will find all kind of places to stay here, from nice boutique hotels to large chain upscale resorts.

Miami is known to be a favorite spot for celebrities. The city attracts The Kardashians, Lil Wayne, Alex Rodriguez, and (Wait for it) Ricky Martin.


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