Vital Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hotel Room


While embarking on a holiday trip may certainly feel exciting, it’s important to remember that there are certain issues that you need to think about before booking a hotel room, especially so that there are no slip-ups. Here are some of the vital questions you should ask before confirming your hotel booking.

Fees and Taxes

Although travel agents and hotel websites display the prices of their hotel rooms openly to the public, it’s sometimes unclear as to whether they include taxes and other additional fees. Ask the hotel or check on the booking website if the price includes fees and taxes and, if not, check how much they are so that you know if the room is still within your budget.

Are Meals Included?

While some tourists love eating local food that they find on the streets, some people prefer the convenience of strolling downstairs to the hotel restaurant or banquet hall for meals so that they don’t have to struggle to find food outside. If you want to eat at the hotel, check if meals are included in your booking.


Getting to your hotel when you land and returning to the airport at the end of your stay are vital questions to answer. After all, transportation can be expensive, and lugging your bags on public transport can be tiresome.


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