Change Up Your Pizza Game at These Restaurants Across the US


Pizza has and always will be a staple of the American diet. As one of the most popular food choices among all ages, Americans consume an approximate amount of 100 acres worth or Pizza each day. To put it into less overwhelming terms, because no normal person can realistically imagine the scale of 100 acres, this pizza consumption amounts to 350 slices being eaten in the United States per second.

The United States hosts an overwhelming amount of Pizza joints across the nation. The pizza shops that make up the over 61,000 shops across the United States include franchises, locally owned pizzerias, and artisan shops. Now, it is no secret why Americans of all shapes and sizes are drawn to pizza.

Whether your favorite part is the melty mozzarella, the parmesan crust, the oregano infused tomato sauce, or any of the toppings that you can add to your slice, there is always a pizza that will satisfy your craving. Pizza shops have even been expanding their offerings to gluten free and dairy free options. So, with pizza being such an essential part of American life, it’s no wonder that pizza itself has evolved in more interesting ways than one.

If you want to go a little wacky with your pizza flavor combinations, there are definitely multiple places for you to try a less conventional pie.

Do you love fruit? Well, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn offers a pizza called the Severus Grape, an ode to Alan Rickman. This pizza is topped with grapes, bacon, gorgonzola, honey, and red peppers.

If you think putting fruit on your pizza is a little bizarre, but still want to try something new, different places will serve you pizza topped with a variety of seafood options.

You can get tuna fish salad on top of your pizza at Gianfranco’s in White Plains, NY.

You could get a crab covered pie at Matthew’s Pizza in Maryland.

Or, you can even get an entire lobster on your pizza at Florian in Gramercy, NYC.

If seafood isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Restaurants around the nation serve tons of different options including pizza topped with Hot Cheetos, peanut butter, and even a whole Thanksgiving dinner.


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