Want to Travel to Dubai, UAE, on a Budget? Follow These Tips


Dubai, UAE, is considered one of the priciest tourist destinations in the world. From accommodation to food, everything seems to be on the high end in Dubai. However, there are still ways you can visit this amazing city and avoid destroying your bank account. Here is how.

Get the Nol Card

Dubai is a big city, and you will usually need to use some form of transportation to get to the tourist attractions you want to visit. While taxi is cheaper compared to other major cities in the world, using Dubai’s efficient public transportation is a much more affordable bet. You can save some extra by getting the Nol Card, which is convenient, comes with better deals on fares, and gives you a discount with selected retailers and restaurants.

Don’t Forget to Download the Entertainer App

The Entertainer app offers the most comprehensive overview of discounts, deals, and free things you can get in Dubai. The app is best known for its “buy one, get one for free” deals but also offers a variety of other perks that will allow you to experience much of the city for an affordable price.

Hunt for Free Tourist Attractions 

Dubai has countless free tourist attractions that will help you fill out your time and have fun without any cost. This includes architectural attractions, public beaches, museums, and more.

Skip the Fancy Restaurants

Eating in Dubai can get pricey if you stick to the city’s fancy bars and restaurants. Instead, go to the old part of the city and enjoy great and filling meals from street vendors and small eateries for a fraction of the price.


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