What Flight Attendants Really Think About


One of the most efficient methods of transportation in the modern age is with the use of airplanes. People use airplanes to travel a few states away or even halfway across the world. With so many airplanes and airports existing across the world, it is necessary to have skilled and attentive flight attendants that will be able to safely manage each flight.

One thing that people may not think about all the time when boarding a place is that the flight attendants definitely take notice of everyone on board. Through a survey conducted on Quora, flight attendants revealed just what they are thinking as they are greeting all of the passengers as they board the plane.

One of the very first things that flight attendants look for in their boarding passengers if they appear to be sober. Making a note of someone who appears to be drunk or on drugs and identifying them as a potential reason for concern is very important for flight attendants to note.

Another thing that flight attendants do when you are boarding the plane is sizing you up to see if you are a good resource for them. A person who would be considered a good resource would be someone who looks strong or someone who may be wearing some form of identification that makes it known that they are in law enforcement or even someone with any sort of flight experience.

Flight attendants also have to be wary of any passengers that look very sick or suspicious. Because being in an airplane confines so many people into such close quarters, it is important to note any passengers who look deathly ill so as to take any necessary steps to avoid any spread of sickness on a flight. In terms of identifying threats, this occurs if someone boards the plane acting in any manner that a flight attendant may deem as suspicious.


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