What Makes English Accents So Appealing


There are so many different accents that you will hear if you travel the world. From choppy Irish accents to harsh German Accents to sultry Spanish accents, languages across the world, because of how their punctuation is structured, have developed different accents that vary greatly. One of the most appealing accents to women living in the United States is the British/ English accent. American accents may not be as attractive to other becuase American pop culture including entertainment is way more commonly found around the world than any other country. As a result, the American may not have as much mystery to it like some other accents.

Maybe it’s because movie princes and charming characters tend to be cast with handsome English actors.  Maybe it’s because the words that are constructed and spoken using a British accent are just fluidly appealing.  Whatever the case, English accents typically make women swoon and go weak at the knees. I mean, come one, what woman hasn’t fantasized about suddenly meeting a handsome Englishman and falling in love instantly?

Many actors with British accents are typically cast in medieval movie roles, in business roles, or as some sort of royalty. Regardless of the actual classiness of a British person’s behavior, their accent automatically seems to add an added illusion of elegance and authority.

No one knows what exactly it is about British accents and why they are so attractive. However, everyone can probably just nod their heads in agreement that British accents are very enticing.


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