What Shoes to Pack on Your Vacation


Alright, let’s talk vacation shoes. It sounds simple, but anyone who’s spent a vacation with sore feet knows that the wrong shoe choice can literally put a damper on your holiday cheer. We’re here to guide you through selecting shoes that will ensure you’re prepared and pain-free, so you can focus more on enjoying your escape and less on your aching feet.

Prioritize Comfort

The last thing you want on vacation is to be sidelined by sore feet. Look for shoes with good support, a comfortable insole, and soft, breathable material. If you’re planning on a lot of walking, make sure to break in your shoes before your trip.

Opt for Versatility

When space in your luggage is at a premium, choosing shoes that can perform double (or even triple) duty is key. A good pair of neutral-colored sneakers can be perfect for walking tours and can also pair nicely with casual evening wear. For warmer destinations, consider sandals that are comfortable enough for long walks but chic enough for evening activities. 

Consider Your Activities

If your vacation includes a beach, a pair of flip-flops or water shoes should be on your list. For city trips involving lots of walking, lightweight and durable sneakers are indispensable. And for winter destinations, don’t forget boots that are both warm and waterproof.


Alisa G
Alisa G
Alisa loves exploring new places and learning languages. She enjoys trying new food wherever she goes and then incorporating the flavors into her cooking at home. When she's not traveling, you might catch her soaking up the sun, reading a fashion magazine or book in her backyard.
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