What to do With the Pretty Shells Collected on Your Travels


Going to beautiful places while traveling is one of the best feelings. You’re exploring a new place and seeing a different side of life while being in a stunning area. Many people love to collect items they find in natural places to keep as a souvenirs, and a classic choice is pretty shells found on the beach. After gathering these up they can just be placed on a windowsill or shelf, or you can turn them into something else. Here are some ideas.

A Necklace

It’s so easy to make a necklace out of a shell and the result is amazing. You get a beautiful, intricate shell to hang around your neck, and these make for the perfect gift. You’ll need a drill and some leather thong to carefully drill a hole in the shell and thread the leather through.

Decorate a Plant Pot

This is ideal if you have lots of little shells that you want to do something fun with. Simply glue them onto a terracotta pot in whatever pattern you like for a gorgeous boho vibe. You’ll have a beautiful reminder of your trip whenever you glance at your plant in its personalized pot. 

Use as a Tray

If you have a large, flat shell then this is perfect to use as a little tray or bowl. You could place earrings in it, or use it to keep your keys in. 


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