What to Expect When Dating A German Man


Nowadays there seems to be a growth of women seeking to break conventional standards in many aspects of life. One area in which women are looking to progress through barriers that have been culturally established for many years is the concept of money. Women are demanding equal payment, are establishing themselves as the breadwinners of their families, and even opting to split the bill on a dinner date.  However, what happens to all of the women who love having their car door opened for them constantly, who subtly expect to be handed their partner’s jacket when it gets chilly out, and who always expect the man to pay on a date?

Well, one thing that these women, who prefer to be cared for, should know before dating a German guy is knowing that he will most likely expect to split the dinner bill. And if he buys the two of you dinner, it would be normal for him to go with you to a bar and expect you to buy the drinks. This in no way makes him less of a gentleman. In Germany, it is a much more common practice for men and women to split the bill and take turns buying rounds of shots than in America. This can be a cultural surprise to women who don’t understand the differences between cultures’ expectations.


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