What You Should Do While in Norway


Norway is probably one of the most beautiful countries that a person can travel to. The rolling hills are covered in plush snow, the woodlands are lush with cold resistant greenery, and you may even see a few interesting animals in neighborhood such as an Elg, which is similar to an American moose. Norway offers an array of amazing qualities that make it the absolutely perfect travel destination.

Here are some of the best attractions and offerings of Norway.

If you are the sea loving type, consider going to the Andenes to observe sperm whales in their natural habitat. Northern Norway is home to many whale species that can be spotted during certain times of year. Sperm whales, however, can be seen year round in these frothy blue waters.

If you are less of a sea person and more of the spacey type, consider visiting the Andoya Space Center. Located in Vesteralen, this center which has launched over 1,000 rockets into space is the site of the Spaceship Aurora. Here, you can learn about the Northern Lights and take part in a mock spaceship mission where you and your group are challenged to conduct research and work together to land the spaceship safely on earth.

Maybe the sea and science aren’t really your thing. If this is the case, visiting Nyksund, a coastal village in Northern Norway may be your best bet.  There are only 27 residents of this town but it is a popular tourist destination because of the antique nature, beauty, and famous tomato and cod stew. Norway is an amazing travel destination that offers many different experiences for the common trip-goer to the experienced adventurer.


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