What you Should Know When Traveling with Friends


We know that traveling with friends seems so obviously easy, but we think that it is something you have to put some thought into. We know that when you think about traveling with your BFF you would think “What can go wrong?” so we are going to tell you some key pieces of advice when it comes to traveling with friends.

1) Only travel with friends you really click with

Remember, even if you love someone very much, it doesn’t mean that they’d be good to travel with. Do not travel with a friend if they are someone you can only take in small doses or someone who you’d prefer hanging out with in big groups.

2) Agree on prices

It can be very awkward going away with someone who is not wiling to spend as much or as little money as you.

3) Enjoy time just relaxing

When you are traveling, it is easy to feel like you cannot have any downtime and must be on your feet at all times. Realistically, traveling is vacation time and everyone should make sure to get some R and R in.

4) Give yourself time to explore on your own

Let’s be real, you and your BFF aren’t going to agree on everything you do. So set aside time for you to explore, eat, and shop on your own. This will allow you to do what you want to do and will also prevent you two from getting sick of each other.

5) Capture funny moments on camera

We know that you’ll capture all the cute, instagrammable moments on camera, but you may forget about the funny ones that are for your eyes only.


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