What You’re Missing When Searching For Flights Online


Online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and flight comparison sites like Skyscanner have revolutionized the way we search for and book flights. However, as convenient as these platforms are, there are a few things you might be missing when you book through OTAs directly. Let’s take a look.

Direct Airline Discounts and Loyalty Benefits

One significant aspect you might miss is the direct discounts, promotions, and loyalty program benefits offered by airlines on their websites. Airlines often reserve their best deals and offers for customers who book directly through their sites. So it’s always worth doing a quick check.

Customer Service and Issue Resolution

When booking through third-party sites like Expedia or Skyscanner, any issues with your flight (such as cancellations, delays, or changes) typically need to be resolved through the OTA, not the airline directly. Direct bookings with airlines often provide a more straightforward path to customer service.

Access to All Flight Options

Although Expedia, Skyscanner, and similar platforms aggregate flights from numerous airlines, they don’t always include every carrier, especially smaller regional airlines or newer budget carriers. So if there’s a local airline you know flies to your destination, do a quick search for a price comparison before you book.


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