Why Everyone Should Experience a Broadway Play


Ever wondered what the hype is about paying hundreds of dollars to see live actors and actresses sing and dance on Broadway when you could just go to the movie theaters and pay a tiny portion of those costs? Well, there are many reasons why you should appreciate the theater rather than just waiting for a movie version of it.

First of all, Broadway musicals can get away with more than a movie could. They tend to carry more explicit language and have more serious and controversial themes than film. They also tend to be more diverse, casting minorities to play certain roles that wouldn’t be expected in films.

For example, a majority of the “Hamilton” features Latino, African American, and Biracial leads to play a non-stereotypical role. Rather than just entertainment, many shows focus on big issues at hand while entertaining their audience. One primary example is “Rent,” a musical that deals with poverty, homosexuality, drug addiction, and AIDS amongst a group of friends in the early 1990s.

There’s no experience like what you get from a Broadway show. There’s so much excitement in being seated with a playbill in your hand and the anxious wait for the start of the show. When the lights go down and the orchestra starts you know you’re in for a real treat. The beauty and grace that actors and actresses present are so plain to see when you’re watching them live. They really work to immerse you in the story they’re telling, grabbing you with the sets, the music, costumes, choreography, and so much more.

There’s a different sensation when walking out of a musical that you don’t get from the movie theater; they simply just make you feel good. Although it can be very arguable that musicals are not everyone’s niche, there is certainly a type of music for everyone. There are romantic musicals such as “Cinderella,” historical fiction ones such as “Les Miserables,” and ones that deal with social and political issues in such as “The Color Purple,” as well as so many more different themes.

If you are against musicals or simply have never seen one, it is strongly suggested to at least go see one and determine for yourself if it’s something you’ve been missing. Odds are, you’ll realize the wonderful art that comes from live theater just like the rest of us have!


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