Where you Should Plan your Next Summer Trip


We obviously know how much everyone loves honeymooning or traveling with your S.O,  but there is something special about going on an all-girls getaway with your friends. From your early twenties to your retired years, there’s nothing like a good girl’s trip. We’re going to tell you exactly where you should consider going for your next all-girls vacation.

1) Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why: Santa Fe has great spas. If you want to take a relaxing vacation without your husband and kids- this is the place to go. We recommend the Sunrise Springs Spa Resort which is filled with fun activities such as yoga and cooking, but is also a very relaxing spa.

2) Sonoma, California

Why: Sonoma is perfect if you love wine. We suggest you go to the West Sonoma Inn and Spa which is located in the middle of Sonoma and is surrounded by 130 vineyards. What more can you ask for?

3) New Orleans, Louisiana

Why: New Orleans is meant for partiers. Sometimes, when you are taking a break from work, kids, and family life, you should just let loose and party your heart out. As fun as it is to party with your significant other, it’s sometimes just fun to party with the gals. Experts say to “stay at The Ace Hotel. With its own concert venue, restaurants, and super popular rooftop bar and pool, it’s the coolest game in town and perfect for a group of friends looking to have a good time in the Big Easy.”

4) London, England

Why: Aside from the very obvious reasons as to why you should travel to London, this is where you and your girls should book your next trip for may more. London is great for shopping, eating, clubbing, and exploring.

5) Papagayo, Costa Rica

Why: This trip obviously isn’t meant for every friend’s group, but if you like to get a good thrill in during your vacation, this place is for you. In Costa Rica, you can surf, zip line, and spend your day with actual monkeys. There’s also obviously a beach, so you will get some relaxation in during your stay. Make sure to stay at the Andaz Papagayo which is close to the airport and has amazing food and a killer spa.


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