Why Are Hawaiians Upset With Airbnb?



Traveling to exotic destinations is one of the many luxuries that most people around the world dream of doing. In the past, people have been thrown off by the very costly prices of many of the hotels and other rentals available to tourists in these tropical destinations. The expenses associated with traveling often deterred many of the would-be adventurers.

Why Are Hawaiians Upset With Airbnb?

Airbnb used this conflict and capitalized on it, creating a company where people from all over the world were able to open up their properties in order to host guests.

A lot of the time, the properties rented out through use of the Airbnb system offer lower price options for tourists. And while Airbnb may seem like the perfect company aimed to help people travel and even earn extra income by opening up their own homes to travelers, some places, such as Hawaii, may not be the biggest fans of Airbnb.

Why Are Hawaiians Upset With Airbnb?

Last December, Airbnb posted a commercial via social media, showing a family vacation in Hawaii.

This family swam and touched green sea turtles and walked among a beautiful coral covered ocean floor. The ad was supposed to showcase how staying at an Airbnb would allow families the price flexibility to stay in exotic locations and participate in really fun, local activities.

However, the ad backfired because Hawaiians who saw the ad commented about how touching green sea turtles is illegal and how stepping on coral can destroy whole ecosystems. Airbnb offered an apology in response but has yet to take the full and down- they did remove the parts where the family was participating in touching the sea turtles and stepping on top of the coral.


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