Why Cuban Cafecitos are Amazing


Are you someone who loves to sip on a warm, steamy cup of coffee in the morning? DO you love the smell, taste, and focus that the kick of this delectable caffeinated beverage brings to the table? Well, it is always nice to have time to enjoy a large cup of coffee once in awhile or every morning.

However, because of your busy schedules, you may not always get the chance to sit down and enjoy the coffee that you need and deserve.  If you order a cup of coffee at a trendy restaurant or coffee shop, many times the coffee is served in a mid-sized mug.  What happens if you have to leave for whatever reason, but technically can’t carry the mug of coffee out with you? Well, there is a type of coffee called a cafecito.

Cafecitos are small cups of coffee, served in little mugs.  Basically, cafecitos are a Cuban espresso drink.  A true cafecito has been brewed with a type of sugar called demarara. However, sometimes, people use the name cafecito to refer to all drinks made with cuban coffee.

In Spanish, “cafe” means “coffee” and typically, adding “ito” to the end of a word gives whatever item or object and added meaning of being small or little.  Cafecito, therefore, means “little coffee” or “cute coffee”.

Spanish speakers also use this addition of “ito” when speaking about people.  For example, someone whose name is Pablo could easily become Pablocito.

Cafecitos can be consumed with or without milk.  However, both options taste amazing and are sure to provide you with the much-needed kick-start that your morning needs.  

You can typically find cafecitos offered at Latin-inspired dining venues and shops nationwide.  However, cafecitos are the best and most prominent in Miami, Florida, where many Cubans have immigrated to and brought their culture of delicious coffee with them.


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