Why Do People All Over The World Believe In Stereotypes


According to google dictionary, a stereotype is “a widely held but fixed and simplified image or idea of a particular type of person or idea.”  But where do we get these images and ideas from? Clearly we didn’t just make them up in our mind. We learn certain stereotypes mostly from what we hear from our parents who heavily influence our beliefs and thoughts starting at a young age, and then also from the media. We listen to what others have to say and are willing to take some people’s words over others. Most people don’t intentionally stereotype others. We have an unconscious bias that settles everyone into categories in which they’re with people similar to them. Stereotyping is associated with much more than just race, but also genders. For example, women are more likely the ones to stay home and take care of their children rather than the men. Because of this, most people associate all women as naturally nurturing, downplaying the extent of what else they can do, such as things equivalent to men. It’s sad how pervasive the effect that stereotyping has on us, but it’s something we have developed naturally therefore not even realizing we’re doing it. It can be hard to stop using stereotypes if they are something that you have been using your whole life, or if they have been present among friends and family. Anyone who claims they do not use stereotypes is not being truthful. Stereotypes are natural for us to use and often times how we categorize people.


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