Why Going Vegetarian in Mumbai is Totally Worth It


Known to be one of the best food hubs in the entire world, the city of Mumbai in India does more than excel to live up to the expectations. From appetizers to desserts, this city serves the most flavorful and diverse food that will tempt you to visit it every time you are around.

Not only do you have a chance to taste some incredibly flavorful combinations of ingredients, but standing along the humid streets of Mumbai, watching countless people go by, is part of what adds to your experience. Some of the vegetarian dishes that will make you forget the smell of meat without getting disappointed to include appetizers like pav-bhaji, Vada-pav, bhel, pani-puri, paneer-tikka, main-courses like vegetable korma, paneer bhurji, choley-bhature, and mouthwatering desserts like gulab-jamun, kulfi, and faloodas.

There are more than purely 106 vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the entire Mumbai that serve fresh and mind-blowing food on a daily basis all year-round. There are other obviously more known non-vegetarian restaurants and their amazing options available too, but trying vegetarian novelties is a definite joy-path one should consider while on this enchanted land!

Take a walk through Mumbai and you’re bound to discover a near limitless amount of options when it comes to delicious foods to try. There are dozens of Mumbai street foods you could try, but this list of 10 is just a beginning, a start to the amazing street food possibilities that you’ll enjoy in Mumbai!


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