Why Long Distance Friendships Provide the Best Escape


There will always be new places you go and new people you’ll meet, some who you’ll discover a deep friendship with. But eventually it will be time for you to say goodbye and you’ll have to decide if you want to maintain the relationship. Some usually choose to remain friends. You’ll text each other, snap each other, tag one another in cute facebook videos, but eventually either one or both of you will get busy, and the friendship will begin to fizzle out, whether intentional or not.

Although it can become hard to maintain a friendship with someone so far away, the relationship in the end is always worth the little bit of effort put into it. Long distance friendships can offer a lot for being so far away. Long distance friends can act as a mini getaway. When you need a break from the friends you see everyday, you know there is always someone on the other end of the cell phone who would love to catch up and listen to your interesting life. If you’re having problems with other friends, they can act as an unbiased opinion in solving the issue, especially if they don’t know the other party.

Although you don’t get to see long distance friends but once or twice a year, when you finally get to see each other face to face, the time spent together is so precious. Having a long distance friendship really helps you to value time. It teaches you the importance of the time spent together, and how short it can be. When you finally see your friend after such a long time apart, every second is spent catching up on all the new memories made but also while reminiscing on the old ones.

There’s only so much catching up you can do over the cell phone or social media, so there for sure will not be a lack of talking and laughing while you two are together. Keeping these long distance friendships helps you to keep a perspective on the important things in life.

Keeping these ties takes time and effort, so in order to keep them you must prioritize your time accordingly. In our busy lives, it can be hard to have sometime for yourself let alone others, so when you do, make sure to spend it with those closest to you.



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