Why People Are Renting Rooms on Yachts Instead of Hotels


The sea is calling. It’s always called out to humanity. You can’t stand on the shore and stare out at the blue waves that seem to go on forever without feeling the urge to head out and see what you can find. In the past, this meant traveling for weeks or months on rickety collections of wood, but today people are enjoying luxury on the high seas on adventure yachts.

Anyone who has an Instagram account has seen the pictures of people having fun on the seven seas. They might be taking a dip with sealife, surfing, or just lounging on the deck. All of these experiences and more are available to people who sign up for a night or two on an adventure yacht.

An adventure yacht experience exists in a unique place between renting a yacht yourself and taking a cruise. Cruise ships can be fun but they can also feel oppressive, you can’t jam yourself into a metal craft without thousands of other people without feeling a little cramped. On the other hand, renting your own yacht is something that few people can afford. Only the 0.001% can enjoy that sort of luxury. But an adventure yacht opens the possibility up to a wider audience. It’s still a pricey experience, but it’s a little more attainable.

For one thing, adventure yachts are big enough that you can divide the costs between a group of people. A boat that’s 160 feet long might be able to hold somewhere around a dozen guests.As previously mentioned, it’s not cheap, but things look a little more plausible when you divide the costs into a dozen different slices.

So where can you go on your adventure yacht? Just about anywhere you’d like to go! Options are available in Alaska, off the coast of Africa, or even up the Amazon river. And more adventure yachts are opening up for business every year, so if you have a destination in mind, there’s a good chance that a yacht will be available to take you there now or sometime in the future.  

A week on an adventure yacht isn’t the right option for everyone, but that’s mostly because not everyone can afford it. If you can manage to take your next adventure aboard an adventure yacht, then you might have trouble spending your future holidays any other way. It’s an addictive experience. After all, why settle for a hotel that stays stuck in one place when you can keep on the move with an adventure yacht? The seas are calling!



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