Why You Need to Visit This Lavender Farm in Georgia


The springtime is the time to see new life, and, beauty. This spring, you need to make sure you visit this farm in Georgia.

In Georgia, you will find rows and rows of Lavender. Tina Misko, the owner of the farm, has always thought lavender would be a good idea for the area, but most people tried to shoot down.

Everybody kept telling her she couldn’t grow Lavender in South Georgia. However, she surprised everyone. People were skeptical mostly because Georgia’s acidic clay soil and humidity makes it hard to grow the plant.

She took classes and did research and learned to adapt the soil. The owner started from a small portion of the land and went on and on. Now it looks awesome!

Red Oak is one of the few farms opened to the public. The solution she found was to add sand to the soil, use drip irrigation. On top of that, there are more than 450 types of Lavender. Red Oak has 18 different ones.

The owner also raises bees for honey, chicken and eggs. Admission tour is $5 but you can use it in the shop of the farm! If you can’t make it for the spring, you can always go for summer. There is the Lavender Festival which will take place June 10.

Whether you are free in spring or summer, you can’t miss this chance of visiting such an amazing place!

It looks incredible already in pictures, we can only imagine how gorgeous it is in reality!


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