Why You Should Always Pack Light


Traveling with only a carry-on bag makes your travel experience easier in so many ways. There’s no way the airline can lose your luggage if you never check in anything. You won’t get weighed down by heavy bags if you limit yourself to carry-on only. And you won’t have to deal with expensive checked bag fees. What should you always pack in your carry-on bag?

Always keep all of your identification in your carry-on. Even if you’re flying internationally so you have your passport with you, don’t pack your driver’s license in your checked bag. Losing any kind of ID is not fun, and if the airline misplaces your luggage, you might never see it again.

Money, credit cards, jewelry, or anything else of monetary value should never be packed in your checked bag. Again, if your luggage gets lost, so will your money and besides that, there are always a few dishonest people that may handle your luggage at some point in your journey, and you don’t want your valuables to vanish when you check out your bags.

Take medications in your carry-on bag and if your medicines are liquids or need syringe, a prescription from a doctor will help you get through security.

Baggage handlers are not known for being gentle with luggage. Even aside from that, an airplane is a moving vehicle and there’s always the possibility of turbulence. Electronics and other fragile items could easily break during any part of the travel process, from the moment you hand over your bag until it finally arrives on the luggage carousel. 

If you have anything sentimental, this should also be packed in your carry-on. Fragile or not, you wouldn’t want it to get lost because chances are no amount of money can replace something that has sentimental value. And at last, a few clothes here and there and you are ready to travel!


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