This Is Why You Should Be Learning Bachata


There are many different types of dancing styles out there.  These styles include hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, and all of the typical ones that you most likely already know about.  

And while dance is appreciated by many in the country, other forms of dancing, such as twerking and grinding have become the primary types of intimate dancing at clubs and bars across the nation. Dance can be compared to a language, each country you visit has a certain style of dance that is most often performed. For example, hip hop and jazz are classically performed by Americans more than most other types of dance.  

However, there is one type of dancing style that will get you intimate with your partner- but not necessarily in such a raunchy way. One dance category that is performed around the world and is appreciated by many cultures is latin dancing. 

Latin dancing, in general, has many subcategories.  

One of the most sensual and close body dances that people love to dance to is Bachata. With Bachata, it is completely acceptable to get really up close and personal with your partner.  This type of dance is more sexy than raunchy. It is rhythmic and often, people who are just friends dance this type of style together.  

You don’t see platonic friends grinding with one another, now, do you? Popular artist’s with a Bachata style are Romeo Santos and Prince Royce. The rhythms of these songs are sensual and perfectly set the mood for a casual or intimate Bachata session.


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