Why You Should Bring a Sweatshirt to a Hot Place


When it comes to traveling, we believe it’s best practice to pack lightly, and not take with us anything that’s really not essential. Here’s why a sweatshirt, while seemingly not essential, actually is essential in every scenario.

Truly Necessary

When traveling to a cold destination, you would obviously consider a sweatshirt to be essential. The thing is, it’s also essential at a warm destination—for the off chance that it gets randomly cold.

Weather is Weird

Weather is truly a strange phenomenon. You can think that it’ll be a certain temperature due to the overwhelming reports, and yet you can still find those reports missing the beat occasionally. The point is that that your sweatshirt will likely not be used—but the last thing you want is for the cold randomness of weather to hit you without one.

Ultimately, it’s just a precaution. But it’s not the same precaution as wondering if you’ll need that third belt—it’s an essential one.


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