Why You Should Go On A Cruise For Spring Break


Having trouble finding where the best place to go for spring break is for the least amount of money? Well, your search is over. What’s a more perfect way to celebrate a week off of school with some family or friends than a cruise? On a cruise you are able to enjoy the endless amounts of activities that are available, or if you prefer, just chill out on the lido deck and have no obligations to do anything whatsoever. Sounds nice, right? Cruises are typically all inclusive so you won’t have to worry about extra cost for food and drink, and they take you to many different locations, ultimately providing you with the best spring break experience.

Cruises are a perfect option for spring break because, unlike having to pick one specific destination to settle in for the week, you can visit multiple destinations all traveling by the relaxing sway of a ship, where you can enjoy the vast blue ocean. There are tons of different places to go depending on the cruise line, such as an adventure through the Caribbean or a journey to the Mediterranean.

Cruises are typically all inclusive, including transportation to all the ports on the itinerary, onboard entertainment and activities, such as pools, movies, and shows, and the cost of all meals and snacks in the main dining rooms and buffet. However, some luxuries such as alcohol and soda typically are not included, but these are easy to live without for a few days. One activity that is not included in the “all inclusive” fee will be the excursions on the shores of the stops made.

Although some can get to be a little bit pricey, such as swimming with dolphins or beach breaks, certain activities definitely are worth the prices and should be considered before automatically deciding no. One hidden factor that should be taken into consideration when booking a cruise is the tips that are automatically added to your onboard account.

Typically, you are charged between $12-$14 a day to be split between employees in the housekeeping team and the dining service team. While this automatic fee is not preferable, it definitely isn’t too much to turn down an (almost) all inclusive cruise.

While many believe being stuck at sea on a ship with a bunch of strangers and no cellular data does not sound ideal, the cruise ships do a great job of having activities for all ages to enjoy. Activities such as trivia, towel folding, shows, nightclubs, casinos, movies, scavenger hunts, and so much more could keep a family engaged all day long. Don’t think, just book a cruise! You won’t forget all the fun you had and the memories made on this spring break.


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