Why You Should Learn Some French Before Going to France


There are some countries in the world where American people are often celebrated. For example, in China, it is very common for an American tourist to encounter a group of Chinese citizens who gawk at them or even ask to get a picture taken with them.

In places like China, where Americans are sort of highly revered, it is easy for American tourists to feel as though they are the big dogs. However, there are other countries where it is important for Americans to note that they may not be perceived as deserving of such a celebrated position.

In many different European countries, the stereotypes that Americans are characterized by are not very positive. Many European countries feel that Americans are entitled and lazy.

For example, in France, many French people do not take too kindly to Americans, as they think that they are loud, obnoxious, and, again, entitled. Especially when you are an American tourist visiting France, it is important for you to be wary of this stereotype that exists.

In order to combat the stereotype and to somewhat persevere through any pre-conceived negativity, one tip is to really try to communicate in French. Whether you do this by ordering off of the menu in French, saying thank you in French, or asking where the bathroom is, you will be surprised how much better your request will be received.

When French people believe that you are putting in genuine effort in communicating with them in their native tongue, they will instantly be more welcoming to you.


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