Why You Should Spend a Weekend in Sacramento, California


While the likes of Los Angeles and San Francisco are buzzing with tourists every summer, the city of Sacramento is a lesser-known Californian gem that is actually an ideal vacation hotspot. Here’s why you should spend a weekend in Sacramento, California.

Old Sacramento

This Californian gem has a rich history, especially given its railway heritage. If you love locomotives, be sure to take a ride on one of the old-fashioned steam train along the Sacramento Southern Railroad.

Weekend Farmer’s Market

Stretching more than five blocks, Sacramento is home to a sprawling farmer’s market where you can buy scrumptious local delights including sweet caramel corn, chutneys, and warm crusty bread. There are also plenty of artisanal good you can bring home with you as souvenirs.

Sacramento River

If you’d love to enjoy some time in nature, a ride down the Sacramento River will certainly be a delight. Catch a tranquil boat ride or even ride a bicycle on the bike path and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.


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